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Campingaz Cylinders In Ireland.

Campingaz Cylinders in Ireland for the past 20 years have been filled by MacEoin General Merchants Ltd in Dingle. Co. Kerry.

We supply over 160 Camping Stores, Fishing Tackle Shops, Caravan Parks & Hardware Stores in Ireland with Campingaz Cylinders & Refills.

We fill & Distribute the 901, 904 & 907 Camping Gas Refills & Bottles.

Click Here to buy 901 Campingaz  Cylinders & Refills.

Click Here to buy 904 Campingaz Cylinders & Refills.

Click Here to buy 907 Campingaz Cylinders & Refills.

Campingaz is easily obtainable in Ireland with stockists in every main town & city.

Also plenty of rural stockists of Campingaz Cylinders & Refills at Caravan Parks, Marina's, Fishing Tackle Shops etc

Campingaz Cylinders are filled with Butane Gas and shoudl always have the red security seal attatched. If there is no RED SEAL then do not buy it.

Very portable with a carry handle the Campingaz Cylinders are ideal for Boats, Caravans, Motorhomes & Barbeques.

Handy to have at home if the power goes out with a variety of Camping Lanterns & Camping Stoves available.

Contact us for your local Campingaz Dealer.

We also stock Coleman Tents, Kampa Tents, Kampa Air Tents, Highlander Camping Supplies, Yellowstone Camping Equipment, Campervan & Caravan Accessories.

Goods delivered nationwide.