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Silent Dog Whistle

Silent Dog Whistle

Silent Dog Whistle

The first ever Acme  "Silent" Dog Whistle.

Adjustable frequency to suit your dogs hearing.

Ideal for gun dogs, sheep dogs or pets.

This silent dog whistle is a quality metal whistle made by Acme in England for many many years specifically for dogs.

According to the manufacturer, this silent dog training whistle is effective up to 2 miles depending upon wind, weather, terrain etc.

The whistle is a "silent whistle".

It is used to give commands to dogs over distance just as any other whistle is used.

It is called a "silent whistle" because it operates on a frequency above that of the average person's hearing.

Most people will hear a faint sound.

In other words it is very LOUD to dogs but very QUIET to people.

It is not a "silencer" and does nothing to make a dog stop barking nor will it repel an agressive dog.



Price: €20.00

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