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Go Systems Dynasty 2 Compact Stove & Gas Offer

Go Systems Dynasty 2 Compact Stove & Gas Offer

Go Systems Dynasty 2 Compact Stove & Gas Offer

Portable Go Systems Dynasty 2 Stove & 4 Gas Cartridges.

Lightweight, easy to carry and safely transported, this portable gas stove is ideal of any event, festival, or camping and walking trip.

The stove features an integrated piezo ignition system which makes start-up simple and is extremely reliable.

The pan support provides stability and easy to clean.

It also features a cartridge safety locking system for correct and safe cartridge insertion every time.


Pan support

Cartridge safety locking system

Carry case included

Piezo ignition

Pan Size allowed: min. 12cm / max. 18cm

Power: 2,300W

Gas consumption: 162 g/h

Operates off: Campingaz® CP 250 cartridges, Go Gas 220g Butane cartridges or similar

Runtime: up to 1hr 15 min on Campingaz® CP 250 cartridge.

Boil time: approx 4 mins

These Gas Cartridges are a resealable butane canister ideal for most portable gas stoves and gas camping bisto stoves.

The cartridge can be connected and disconnected either when full or empty and designed for horizontal use. 

Small, lightweight and very portable; ideal for camping and hiking!

Four Gas Cartridges are included in this bundle, make may vary.



Price: €25.00