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Chilly Bin Cool Box 50 Litre.

Chilly Bin Cool Box 50 Litre.

Chilly Bin Cool Box 50 Litre.

New for 2019 a range of Chilly Bin Passive Coolers in sizes 25L, 42L, 50L and 60L.

These coolers have high density PU Insulation and can keep ice frozen for over 4 days (117 hours) TUV tested (40% of cool box filled with ice and left in a temperature controlled room at 25°C.

Tested until the ice has completely thawed.)

This cooler is remarkably spacious and includes roller wheels, elastic retaining clips for storage, and a sturdy handle for easy transportation.


Integral drainage tap

Roller wheels with a sturdy handle

Elastic retaining clips to hold items on top

Size 72.8 x 40.3 x 42.5 cm

Weight 6.14 kg



Price: €93.45

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