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Kampa Waste Stroller - 40 Litre

Kampa Waste Stroller - 40 Litre

Kampa Waste Stroller - 40 Litre

A robust and durable waste water carrier on wheels with a strong pull handle.

The flat surface of the carrier allows you to strap the cassette from your portable toilet so that you only have to do one trip to empty them both.


Large 40 litre capacity

Extra wide 22.5cm wheels

Easy to pull over all types of ground

Ergonomic design fits most caravans

Two top openings: 95mm and 60mm

Bottom opening: 60mm

Caps with retaining straps

Comfortable handle

Can be used as a trolley (optional retaining straps available)

Built-in anchor points for optional retaining straps

Wheels and axle can be removed for easy storage

Dimensions (wheels off) - W 37 x D 25 x H 96 cm

Dimensions (wheels on) - W 52 x D 25 x H 97 cm

Accessories and spare parts available



Price: €59.02

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