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Magpie Cage Trap. 4 Compartment.(Octagonal)

Magpie Cage Trap. 4 Compartment.(Octagonal)

Magpie Cage Trap. 4 Compartment.(Octagonal)

As these are hand made by Mike Johnson here in Dingle  including all parts allow 2 - 3 weeks delivery time.
The original and still the best multi catch magpie cage trap.
This is our design and made exclusivley by our workshop in Ireland.
We have made this multi catch magpie - multi larsen trap for over 20 years.
This magpie Cage Trap is made from heavy duty galvanised weld mesh.
Held together with Harco Clips not hog rings. Ready assembled ready to use magpie trap.
4 Catching compartments & call bird compartment in centre of cage.
You must provide your call bird with a perch & food & water.

*** We cannot ship this product outside the 32 counties of Ireland due to size and weight issues ***


Traps must be checked at least twice daily.
Do not confuse this with cheaper copies of the multi catch magpie & larsen traps or green powder coated versions.
We can supply cheaper magpie cage traps traps but you will get what you pay for.
We have supplied these to hundreds of NARGC Members & Gun Clubs in Ireland & U.K.

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Check current legislation regarding use of these traps before use with Dept of Agriculture or National Parks & Wildlife Service.



Price: €150.00

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