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Smite A Mite Red Mite Powder & Smite A Mite Liquid Concentrate.

Smite A Mite Red Mite Powder & Smite A Mite Liquid Concentrate.

Smite Red Mite Powder & Liquids are very effective against the control of red mite in Farm Fowl.  Supplied in many sizes from 350g Smite Powder Puffer to a 25 Kg Sack & 1 Litre & 5 Litre Liquid Dispensers.

Smite Red Mite Powder is a completely natural, organic product.  Sprinkle under both wings of the bird and around the vent to control Red Mite issues in all Farm Fowl.  These are the most likely places for the red mites to gather and the powder will attack the mites that come in to contact with it.

Smite A Mite Red Mite Powder is completely safe to use on hens, ducks & all other poultry & livestock. 

We recommend using Smite to prevent the birds suffering from red mite attack and to use Smite Liquid Concentrate to kill the red mites in the house. 

Smite A Mite 350g Powder Puffer.

Smite Red Mite & Louse Powder. 1kg Tub.

Smite Powder. 5kg Bucket.

10Kg Value Bucket of Smite.

Smite a Mite Liquid Concentrate. 1 Litre.

Smite Professional Red Mite Control Liquid. 5 Litre.


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