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Electric Stunner For Poultry & Rabbits.

Electric Stunner For Poultry & Rabbits.

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Simple push button Wall Mounted Poultry Stunner.

V shaped jaws suitable for all Poultry, Game Birds and Rabbits.

The humane way to safely stun Poultry & Rabbits.

Mains Powered & Wall Mounted.

Birds bleed out better when stunned.

Check your country requirements for Electric stunning of poultry.


ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION: This Electric Stunner must be connected into a protective socket with ELCB. PLACEMENT OF THE APPARATUS:

It must be fixed to a solid wall with four screws.

It must be connected to an earthed socket.

All persons using the apparatus must be wearing appropriate gloves, boots and apron to comply with the regulations.

USING THE STUNNER: POULTRY (Quail, pigeons, guinea-fowl, chicken, turkeys).

Holding the bird in the right hand, take the head in the left hand and introduce it into the V-shaped jaws of the poultry stunner until it is pinched between the electrodes.

The electrodes must be on either side of the head, not the neck.

Press the 'impulse button' once with the left hand & the indicator will light and the current will pass through the skull.

Continue to hold the bird with the right hand until it is anaesthetised.

When the sequence is finished, the indicator light will go off.

For the bleeding, it is recommended to wait several seconds after the commencement of the electric current to allow the bird to relax; because relaxed muscles will release the blood more quickly and the bird will be easier to pluck.

WATERFOWL - The morphology of the heads of palmipeds is different to gallinaceous species.

Hold the head in the manner described above but place it sideways between the electrodes with one elctrode in contact under the beak and the other on the top of the head.

RABBITS - Certain rabbits have a thick fur which is a poor conductor of electricity. It is recommended to moisten the temples with water, using either a spray or a damp sponge.

This results in rapid and efficient stunning.

The rabbit is held by the back legs in the left hand and by the ears in the right hand.

Introduce the head into the V of the apparatus Press the impulse button to start the stunning cycle.

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