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Powder Duster for Louse & Mite Powders.

Powder Duster for Louse & Mite Powders.

Robust hand-held plastic powder duster.

Ideal for use in the garden and in poultry houses.

The duster also includes a thumb hole for a steady, comfortable grip and is suitable for use with a variety of dusts and powders.

Suitable for Smite, Barrier Louse, Barrier Red Mite, Battles Poultry Louse Powders & Stalosan. Stalosan 3kg Powder discinfectant.

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Stalosan 3kg Powder Discinfectant.

Smite Powder 1kg.

Smite Powder 5kg.

Smite Powder 10kg.

5kg barrier Louse Powder.

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