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Lightforce Blitz 240 Lamp. 12 volt.

Lightforce Blitz 240 Lamp. 12 volt.

Lightforce Blitz 240 Lamp. 12 volt.

Dearer than usual due to them being air freighted.

Lightforce lamps have gained the reputation for being the most durable and specially suited lights on the market.

This light plugs into a cigarette lighter or a deben lithium ion battery pack.

Lightforce have brought the solid lamp and light technology to the outdoors. The Lightforce SL240 Blitz hunting lamp is a popular lightweight light with a 240 mm lamp reflector providing a compact yet powerful light.

The Lightforce 240 Blitz has been engineered with a hi-tech polymer for extra strength along with a maximum performance high grade Lightforce reflector.

The LightForce SL240 also boast innovation, such as the insert in the bottom of the handle, can house a spare lamp bulb that can be easily replaced in any environment.

Lightforce features include:

Lamp Reflector housing rotates to easily tailor light beam pattern to suit the users requirements, flood light or spot light

Quality On/Off switch for user comfort and durability

5/16 BSW robust brass ferrule for mounting options

Ergonomically balanced handle for superior handling with user friendly texture to ensure no-slip in adverse conditions

High specification bulbs to ensure unequalled brightness



Was: €180.00

Now: €160.00

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