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Top Netting For Poultry & Gamebird Pens.

Top Netting For Poultry & Gamebird Pens.

If you are building a Poultry Pen or Pheasant Release Pen then Mac Eoin General Merchants Ltd in Dingle, Co. Kerry have the Top Netting, Chicken Wire ,Side Wire & Netting Clips you require.

Top Netting a Poultry Pen or Release Pen has many benefits. It prevents Poults & Birds escaping and also prevents predators and other birds entering your pen and taking birds or eating food.

Top Netting also prevents many wild birds entering your pen and bringing in mites & leaving droppings behind them which are a disease risk to your fowl.

All Mac Eoin Top Nets are manufactured from a virgin grade black polyethylene, all top nets are 7 strand and knotted. Nets are Ultra Violet UV stabalised so they will not rot in sunlight. This is the highest grade top netting you can buy.

This net can also be use to bird proof buildings and cattle sheds and used for fruit cages and keeping birds off crops on smallholdings and allotments. We have many sizes of nets and can get it cut to order.

We usually supply net with 1.5 inch or 38mm square mesh sizes for poultry and gamebird pens.

Top Net 11 Feet x 11 Feet

Top Net 14 Feet x 14 Feet

Top Net 11 Feet x 22 Feet

Top Net 22 Feet x 22 Feet

Top Net 22 Feet x 44 Feet

Top Net 32 Feet x 32 Feet

Top Net 42 Feet x 42 Feet

Top Net 55 Feet x 55 Feet

Top Net 64 Feet x 64 Feet

Top Net 82 Feet x 82 Feet

Top Net 110 Feet x 110 Feet

Top Net 110 Feet x 220 Feet

Netting Clips. To fasten your top net to the side of the pen.

So if you are building a pen to hold your poultry & gamebirds or building a breeding or release pen then give us a call for all your netting needs.

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