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Turkey Dry Plucking Machines for sale.

Turkey Dry Plucking Machines for sale.

Mac Eoin General Merchants Ltd have been selling Poultry Processing Supplies for 25 years.

From the Pheasant Shoot or Game Syndicate looking to pluck Partridge, Pheasant & Mallard Duck, the Smallholder doing a weekly batch of Turkeys, Geese & Broilers to the Commercial Poultry Enterprise wanting to process several thousand birds a day we can supply all your needs.

We specialise in small & medium Dry Plucking Machines suitable for all farm fowl. We have distributed many makes of Dry Plucking machines over the years & carry spare discs & shafts for these in stock.

The Types of Dry Plucking Machines we supply are:

Muscat Turbo 7 Gamebird Dry Plucker.

Muscat Turbo7 Dry Plucking Machine with stand.

Muscat Turbo 11 Turkey & Goose Dry Plucking Machine.

Senesi Junior Dry Plucking Machine.

Senesi Wind 7 Dry Plucking Machine.

Senesi Quick 11 Dry Plucking Machine.


We also supply other Processing Supplies:


Killing Cones for Turkeys & Geese.

Killing Cones for Chickens & Ducks.

Wall Mounted Poultry Dispatcher.

Stunner for Poultry, Waterfowl & Rabbits.

Electric Wall Mounted Stunner for Poultry, Waterfowl & Rabbits.

SinuPull. Sinew Pullers for Poultry.

Poultry Finishing Wax.

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