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Wright Feeders for Poultry & Gamebirds.

Wright Feeders for Poultry & Gamebirds.

Green Metal Wright Feeder with fixing holes in the rim.

Imported by Mac Eoin General Merchants Ltd and used in Ireland & Great Britain, the 'Wright' feeder attachment is a strong, reasonably priced Game & Poultry Feeder

Made from pressed mild steel and green powder coated, the 'Wright' feeder attachment has a high feed flow of wheat, barley and other poultry & game feeds.

It is a suitable feeder for all game birds, poultry and waterfowl, including geese and swans from poults to adult.

The wright attatchment is easy to fit to any metal, plastic or wooden hopper, and you just drill a 76mm hole in your container, insert the feeder into the hole from the inside then fill the container with food.

Legs should be high enough to allow birds to stand at their full height in order to feed.

The 'Wright' Feeder attachment cannot be broken or tampered with by badgers, deer or sheep.

Pellets may swell and block this feeder when it is used in exposed conditions, and while birds can sometimes sort out blockages on their own, it is a good idea to keep an eye on Wright feeders with pellets in wet conditions.

Discounts are available for quantities of these feeders.  Buy a box of 50 pieces for € 3.75 each delivered. € 187.50



Red Plastic Wright Type Feeder with fixing holes in the rim.

The same size and style of feeder as above but made from hard red plastic.

Hard wearing and ideal for coastal areas where rusting would be an issue.


Trade enquiries welcome and we are happy to quote Gun Clubs, NARGC & Countryside Alliance Gun Clubs & Estates for larger quantities of equipment.

Mac Eoin General Merchants Ltd in Dingle. Co. Kerry have been supplying Equipment to Poultry Farmers, Smallholders & Shoots for over 25 years.

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