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Larsen Mate Traps.

Larsen Mate Traps.

The Mac Eoin Larsen Mate Trap is perfect for catching trap-shy crows, the larsen mate trap can be used in conjuction with a standard larsen trap to increase catching numbers or set independently as a simple, lightweight alternative to larger traps.

The Larsen Trap Mate is simply set with a trigger perch which holds the cage door open until a bird lands on it, releasing the trigger and catching the bird securely inside.

Mac Eoin General Merchants Ltd of Dingle. Co. Kerry. Ireland have been manufacturing Traps, Cages, Snares, Show Cages, Poultry Cages & Wire Mesh Products since 1989.

All our traps and snares comply fully to the Irish Wildlife Act and we are pleased to supply the National Parks & Wildlife Service with products.

For all your predator control products give us a call whether its for domestic purposes, Nargc Gun Clubs, Countryside Alliance Members, Gamekeepers, Sheep Farmers, Estates or other reasons we are happy to discuss Vermin Control Products.

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