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Shooting Woodcock DVD.

Shooting Woodcock DVD.

Shooting Woodcock DVD.


The Woodcock known to be one of the most elusive and challenging of all the field game, holds great interest for many sportsmen.

Steve Denny, Cheif Instructor at the West Wycombe Shooting Ground, gives personal instruction with technique and safety in mind, to help all shooters both expert and novice achieve success in this sport.
Although a minority sport in the world of shooting the Woodcock challenges the discerning shooter in all aspects of the sport, from the very unpredictable flight of the Woodcock to knowledge of the birds terrain and its feeding and migratory patterns. With the help of The Game conservancy the Woodcock's normally secret life is discussed giving a useful insight into the birds behaviour and the conservation of their habitat.


Finally we join Steve Denny and other friends on a Woodcock Shoot in Pembrokeshire to put their skills to the test with exciting results.

Aproximate Running Time - 55 mins



Price: €40.00

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