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Bumpa Bits for Pheasants. 35mm.

Bumpa Bits for Pheasants. 35mm.

Bumpa Bits for Pheasants. 35mm.

35mm Bumpa Bits for 9 week old pheasants.

Anti-peck bumper bits, or sometimes called bumpa bits work by preventing the pheasant closing her mouth fully.

This is a great answer to feather plucking, feather pecking and blood drawing bullying which when fitted properly does not in any way impair the culprits ability to eat and drink normally Neither do they change the pecking order as birds can still maintain their social structure while wearing them!

Unlike the C shaped bits these are less likely to need refitting as the birds can not get them off so easily.

To fit bumpa bits open the birds beak and place the middle into the beak. Then pull the prongs apart and position into the nostrils. Tip: place the bits into hot water for a minute or 2 to soften the plastic before fitting.

For Hopper / Trough Feeding only.

Along with good field management, the anti pecking devices we supply are an additional aid to help prevent pecking and cannibalism in poultry.

They do not guarantee prevention.



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