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Fine Flowers Meadow Seed Mixture. 400g.

Fine Flowers Meadow Seed  Mixture. 400g.

Fine Flowers Meadow Seed Mixture. 400g.

40 annual, biannual and perennial species of wild flowers.

Real magnet for bees and bumble bees so rich in nectar.

Flowering period from May to October.

Winter-hardy, perennial High diversity of flowers – over 40 species High environmental value.

Conservation Wildflower Mixtures – Technical Information

Note that wildflowers and wildflower meadows need a low fertile soil, preferably well drained.

Avoid compacted soil.

Prepare the ground to a firm, weed free tilth.

Can be sown manually by broadcasting or with sowing machine, spreader or seed barrow.

Sowing depth: maximum 0-0.5 cm Method of sowing: for an even result and best coverage, sow the seed in a crosswise direction.

Sowing pure wildflower mixtures might be a challenge, so try to mix it with sand or broken cereals or similar organic seed additives, or as a companion for grass.

Rolling is advised to secure good soil contact of the seed.

Follow the rule: less is more, so to allow slow establishing species more room and time to develop. Cutting: usually 1-2 cuts per year are recommended.

The first cut early spring, to clean the surface, slow down the quick starting species and give room for the late starters.

Always remove the first cut.

The second cut should be done in autumn.

Always leave the remains of the second cut on the ground for two to three weeks, in order to enable the reproduction, especially of the annual species.

After this time, you should remove the cutting/remains.

Cutting height: not lower than 10 cm

Sow at 4kg per Acre.

A selection of organically sourced seed which will provide a continuous display of nectar from pollen-rich  wildflowers guaranteeing a rewarding honey harvest.

A bee is said to make three journeys in order to bring one drop of nectar to the hive; 25,000 foraging trips are said to be necessary to gather the raw material for one pound of honey.

A honeybee will visit 50 to 100 flowers during a collection trip, and a hive of bees will fly 90,000 miles to collect 1 kg of honey.

During the average worker bee's lifetime, she will produce only about 1/12th teaspoon of honey and it takes one ounce of honey to fuel a bees' flight around the world.



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