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Larsen Trap. Side Entry Green Cage.

Larsen Trap. Side Entry Green Cage.

Larsen Trap. Side Entry Green Cage.

A Larsen cage trap with side opening doors on opposite sides of the trap.

Callbird compartment in the centre of the trap.

Dimensions: 330 X 1020 X 310 high

Check current legislation regarding use of these Larsen traps before use with Dept of Agriculture or National Parks & Wildlife Service.

This larson trap type tends to suit placement near hedgerows or woodland & is effective, humane and is light and easy to transport.

To catch the first magpie/corvid to use as a call bird bait the trap with half broken and whole eggs and set the trap where magpies/corvids are active.

Once a call bird has been caught, place him in the center compartment and move the trap into the territory of other magpies/corvids and re set.

The magpies/corvids will soon start to mob the call bird and trap.

Keep moving the trap every few days into new territories.

This trap needs to be checked daily and the call bird must have a perch, bowl of water and be kept fed with offal, bread or dog food.

A roofing slate or cover should be put over the call bird section roof to provide shelter.

The MacEoin double magpie/corvid trap provides all the legal requirements of space etc for maintaining a live captured bird.

As with all our range of magpie traps the traps can be used to capture other corvids such as grey crows, jackdoors or rooks depending on legal requirements of your country.



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