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Folding Green Mink Cage Trap. Heavy Gauge.

Folding Green Mink Cage Trap. Heavy Gauge.

Folding Green Mink Cage Trap. Heavy Gauge.

The MacEoin Folding Green Mink Cage Trap is a well made heavy gauge Mink Trap.

Zinc plated then powder coated in green.

Size: 67 x 24 x 31,5 cm

Mink are opportunistic carnivores. They will feed on a variety of prey including birds (waterfowl and ground nesting farmland birds) and mammals (water voles, rabbits etc).

They are curious creatures and will often investigate tunnels, burrows and man-made objects, although there is evidence to show they avoid close proximity with humans.

Mink will mark their territory with distinctive scats in the same way that otters leave spraints. Scats and footprints at a site can often be a good way of establishing whether mink are present.

Female mink have a single litter each year, typically between April and early May, of between 3-6 kits. While nursing the young she will hunt intensively over her home range (approx. 3km of waterways) and this can have a devastating impact on water voles and nesting birds within the area.

Therefore, removal of female mink close to water vole colonies before the end of April will protect those voles and birds during their breeding season.

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