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Ultrasonic Solar Bird Scarer.

Ultrasonic Solar Bird Scarer.

Ultrasonic Solar Bird Scarer.

Ultrasound can't penetrate through solid objects, including dense bushes or shrubberies.

Point your Repeller towards the area you want to cover and walk around the area, noting when the Repeller activates.

Any movement (animals, leaves or items blowing in the wind) may activate the Repeller.

The solar panel charges 3x1.2v rechargeable NiMH batteries which are included inside your Repeller. 
You can top up the charge using the USB charger cable supplied.
The charging port is located under the Repeller. Make sure to replace the rubber seal after charging the Repeller. Make sure to replace the rubber seal to prevent water damage.
Eventually the batteries may need to be replaced. You must use the correct 12.V rechargeable MiMH AA batteries.
The ground spike gives the ideal working height for the Repeller. If you choose to hang the Repeller using the hanging pole, position it no more than 2 metres above ground.
When dealing with wild animals, it is never possible to give a 100%  accurate prediction of how they will behave., Some problems get resolved very quickly, but others take longer.

Don't expect instant results, and remember there is always a slight possibility that external factors may make results difficult to achieve.
This product has an IP44 rating, which means that it can be used in typical weather conditions, including on rainy days.

We recommend that you try to shield it from driving rain, and if you bring it inside during really sever weather , it will extend the useful life of the product.


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