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Grey Crow Cage Trap. Heavy Duty 4 Compartment.

Grey Crow Cage Trap. Heavy Duty 4 Compartment.

Grey Crow Cage Trap. Heavy Duty 4 Compartment.

This is a Round Grey Crow Cage Trap.

It is high and has a large diameter with 4 compartments including call bird compartment.

This Multi Larsen trap / Grey Crow cage Trap has three catching compartments round the edge of the trap and a call bird compartment in the middle.

The side entry sliding trap doors are operated by a wire treadle that is situated inside each catching compartment.

The muilti larsen trap is for magpies and corvid crows.

A trick to catch your first crow / magpie is to place mirrors inside the trap or eggs.

The Trap can catch up to 3 times the amount of magpies / grey crows compared to a conventional square or rectangular larsen trap.

This Grey Crow Cage Trap arrives assembled ready for use.

Remember to check your cage trap at least twice a day and provide your call bird with food, water and a perch (this is the law!!!).

Dimensions: 1010mm wide x 490mm high.

Weight: approx 13kg

We can supply this trap flat packed cheaper for self assembly.

Grey Crow Trap Ireland

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Check current legislation regarding use of these traps before use with Dept of Agriculture or National Parks & Wildlife Service.

*** We cannot ship this product outside the 32 counties of Ireland due to size and weight issues ***

Allow upto 2 weeks for delivery



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