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Cleanflo Drinker Complete with Cover & Stand

Cleanflo Drinker Complete with Cover & Stand

Cleanflo Drinker Complete with Cover & Stand

The BEC Cleanflo Drinker is a fully automatic drinking system suitable for chickens, ducks & game birds of all ages.

Unlike basic drinkers on the market which need to be refilled regularly, the Cleanflo Drinker does it all for you, saving you time, and helping to enhance the health of your birds.

The included Tripod Stand can also be fitted to prevent soil contamination. This is the ultimate drinker.

Each foot can be adjusted in height to counteract the uneven ground & this makes sure the water is always level.

There are no cracks or joints below the water level where dirt can lodge & bacteria breed and so reducing the need for antibiotics.

Also, the water level and height of the drinker can easily be adjusted to cater for chicks, poults and adult birds.

The BEC Cleanflo Drinker also comes with a special Contamination Cover to keep the water cleaner and cooler particularly when outdoors.

Another time- saving feature of this innovative product is the easy-clean design, simply picking up by the finger depressions, it takes only 3 seconds to flush out each drinker, expelling all water.

*Requires 6mm bore tubing and a low pressure water supply such as a header tank.

Supplied with 1m of pipe.




Price: €24.00

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