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Family Rat Cage Trap

Family Rat Cage Trap

Family Rat Cage Trap

This is the Origional Family Rat Cage. Not a cheap copy.

A tried and tested Multi Catch RAT CAGE trap which we have sold for over 20 years.

The MacEoin "Family" Multi Catch Humane Rat trap gives the option of releasing the catch alive and eliminates accidental injury to other animals and children.

Bait with Kippers / Fish Skin or Bacon Rind.

Place the baited rat trap gate near but not touching a wall, fence line or obvious rat run and at a right angle to it, this way the rats have to pass under the open cage door.

The small rear door flap is designed to act as a secondary opening to entice more rats in once the main trap has "tripped".

Rat Traps Ireland

Rat Cage Traps Ireland

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