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Hotline Buzzard Battery Electric Fence Energiser.

Hotline Buzzard Battery Electric Fence Energiser.

Hotline Buzzard Battery Electric Fence Energiser.

The 12V Hotline Buzzard energiser is a high power electric fencer for all uses, including 3 reel systems netting electric fences and long distance electric fencing.

It can power up to 25 km of fencing.

It is made in the UK, and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

The Buzzard electric fence energiser is recommended for use on long boundary fencing applications where it is not possible to use a mains electricity fencer.

As long distances of electric fencing are frequently used with the Buzzard energiser, it is likely that multiple earth stakes will be required for effective operation.

The Hotline Buzzard electric fence energiser is a very powerful fencer with two output levels.

If animals are being fenced for the first time, the energiser should be set to 'high' for the first week to give a good shock and to teach the animals to avoid the fence.

The energiser can then be switched to 'low' after this initial period in order to conserve the battery life.

If, however, the electric fence is being used to keep animals out, the energiser should always be switched to the 'high' output position.

As the Hotline Buzzard energiser is designed to be used on long lengths of electric fencing, a powerful rechargeable battery of around 75-125Ah will be required.

The LED will flash GREEN when the unit is working correctly, but will change to RED when the batter requires re-charging.

A buzzer will sound if the battery terminals are connected incorrectly.

Power Supply - 12v rechargeable battery (not supplied)

Stored Energy - 1.7/3.2 joules

Output Voltage (high) - 9000v

Output Voltage (low) - 6800v

Output Voltage @500ohms - 5500v/3800v

Approx battery Life: 3 weeks (75Ahr battery)

Pulse/Battery Low Indicator

Warranty - 5 years

Connection Leads included:- Fence Connection Lead, Earth Connection Lead, Battery Connection Leads.



Price: €250.00

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