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Jumbo Butane Gas Regulator

Jumbo Butane Gas Regulator

Jumbo Butane Gas Regulator

TPA low pressure clip on jumbo butane gas regulator with a fulham nozzle outlet.

Suitable for use with Irish butane cylinders together with domestic and leisure appliances such as ovens and hobs, gas bbqs, patio heaters, boiling rings, camping stoves and some gas heaters.

29mbar, 2kg/hr. Rain & dust protection cover fitted.

This regulator has an excess flow valve as required by Irish Standards.

This regulator conforms to EN16129.

Always ensure gas regulators & gas fittings are correctly fitted and gas hose is changed every 5 years.

Always ensure gas hose is fitted to the gas regulator with a suitable hose clip / jubilee clip.

Always ensure gas hose is suitable for the job, bs approved and in date.

If in doubt ask for advice.



Price: €14.75

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