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Turkey & Geese Dry Plucking Machine. Muscat Turbo 11 / 180

Turkey & Geese Dry Plucking Machine. Muscat Turbo 11 / 180

Turkey & Geese Dry Plucking Machine. Muscat Turbo 11 / 180

A commercial dry plucking machine fitted with 11 of the large 180 diameter steel discs.

Same motor & style as the Bayle & Senesi 11 disc machine only better priced & UK made.

Principle construction in stainless steel, aluminium and structural polypropylene.

This Dry Plucker is fitted with a 3hp (2.2kw) motor 230V single phase, with emergency stop. ( 3 phase available )

Easily adjustable air flow to dry pluck various birds from geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and chickens down to game.

The 11 discs give very fast plucking speeds.

No special skills required to operate.

Feather removal, even in the more stubborn areas, is easy giving a good quality finish to the bird.

Feathers are trapped by the rotating discs and released into the air flow from where they get taken into a collection area or sack.

The machine is ready for immediate use (no heat up time required) making it ideal for small quantities as well as high production and being a dry process gives an attractive looking bird with longer shelf life.

The discs are of a universal design and are interchangeable with other dry plucker models.

Easy access to the plucking head allows for quick cleaning following use.

For higher volume plucking of heavier birds a simple spring loaded gantry can be supplied to reduce operator fatigue.

Dimensions approx 800mm (32”) x 800mm (32”) x 1200mm (48”) high.



Was: €4,200.00

Now: €3,950.00

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