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Verm-x Poultry Liquid 500 Ml

Verm-x Poultry Liquid 500 Ml

Verm-x Poultry Liquid 500 Ml

VERM-X Liquid FOR POULTRY Verm-X is a safe, natural, 100% herbal parasite repellent which has been proved to be a very effective alternative to pharmaceutical, chemical wormers.

Many livestock owners report that not only do their animals love the taste of Verm-X but, with regular use, their condition improves too.

Verm-X doesn’t just kill the parasites – it’s actually good for your stock!

Verm-X for Poultry is now available in both liquid and pelleted forms, the pelleted form being more suited to birds which are free-range, where the drinking water could be diluted by natural rainfall.

Verm-X Liquid is easy to use by adding to your bird’s drinking water and disallowing any other drinking water for the 3 days per month you add Verm-X. made feeds.

A further advantage of Verm-X over chemical based products is that, being 100% natural herbal formula there is no withdrawal period for either eggs or meat.

Verm-X is perfectly safe!

Verm-X may be used solely 3 consecutive days every month.

Verm-X has the advantage that there is no egg or bird withdrawal period.

Verm-X is ideal those who wish to explore the natural way of controlling parasites.

Verm-X is ideal for poultry kept on organic farms.

Verm-X is extremely palatable and has no known resistance, suitable for all farmfowl



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