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Bird Scarer. Wind Powered. 5 Pack.

Bird Scarer. Wind Powered. 5 Pack.

Bird Scarer. Wind Powered. 5 Pack.

A Great Bird Scarer that is wind powered & easily put on a shed or post.

This Rotating wind powered bird scarer uses flashes of reflected sunlight and predator 'eyes' to deter wild birds without disturbing neighbours or domestic birds.

With all-metal construction and long-life ball bearing the bird scarer is build to last.

Supplied with a metal spindle which can either be pushed directly into the soil for lower crops in the garden or strapped to a garden cane or high post with the tie wraps supplied for raising to a higher profile.

Ideal for use in allotments and kitchen gardens and most effective when 3 or 4 are used around a plot and their position is changed periodically.

Ideally suited on free range poultry farms, game farms, release pens or where birds are taking eggs & chicks.

Also suited on sheep farms at lambing time to deter magpies & crows.



Price: €55.00