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Defenders Mega-Sonic Fox Repeller.

Defenders Mega-Sonic Fox Repeller.

Defenders Mega-Sonic Fox Repeller.

Deter foxes from your smallholding, garden or poultry pens with defenders mega-sonic repeller.

Boasting two deterrent actions, audio and visual.

With a flashing red LED eyes and ultrasonic sound repellent, this is a welfare-friendly deterrent to rid your outdoor space of foxes and other mammalian rodents.

With its day and night motion sensor, this repellent has a 100m2 detection coverage making it suitable for a range of garden sizes.

All weather tested, this durable deterrent is longlasting through all seasons and has a battery or mains-powered option making it adaptable to suit your needs.

Specifications Welfare-friendly Audio-visual deterrent.

2 x 9v batteries required (available separately)

Mains power pack included 10m range.



Price: €55.00