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ET Super 12 Automatic Turning Incubator.

ET Super 12  Automatic Turning Incubator.

ET Super 12 Automatic Turning Incubator.

The River Systems Egg Tech Super 12 Automatic Incubator is designed to be easy and straight-forward to use while at the same time offering innovative technology and high reliability.

This 12 Egg Incubator has Automatic Egg Turning so you do not have any work to do.

Viewing windows allow you to see the eggs & chicks inside.

Temperature is controlled by an accurate digital display.

Capacity is 12 Eggs from Pheasant to Goose Size or 48 Quail Eggs.

Features Digital Temperature display – It is possible to set the temperature from 30°C to 40°C with 0,1°C steps.

Different Egg Sizes can be hatched, up to and including goose eggs.

Inspection windows to allow you to follow all the stages of incubation.

Water trays are filled from outside the incubator.

Hatching Tray where to eggs can be placed for the last three days before hatching is included.

Information Manual on Incubating Eggs is included.

Technical characteristics: – Capacity: 12 hen-eggs or similar / 48 quail-eggs –

Voltage: single phase, 230 V CE – Plug: Factory Fitted UK /  Irish plug –

Average daily consumption: max. 0,5 kW/24 hours.

Super-efficient costing less than 15c a day to run. –

Maximum power: 45W



Price: €157.40