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Earth Spike / Bar. 1 metre

Earth Spike / Bar. 1 metre

Earth Spike / Bar. 1 metre

This highly conductive General Purpose 1m Earth Spike should ideally be considered the minimum requirement for earthing your electric fence upto to 1000m in length; i.e.1 x 1m earth spike for each 1000m of single fence line… If your fence is 1000m long consisting of two lines of wire, use 2 earth spikes (join them together using HT cable).

The earthing system is an integral part of your energiser's performance and indeed, the performance of your entire electric fencing setup.

Inadequate earthing is the most common failure in electric fence operation, but often one of the most simple to remedy, for example simply ensuring that the earth spike is pushed or hammered fully into the ground can make all the difference to a small system.

On a longer electric fence, earth system problems are often solved simply by increasing the number of earth spikes.

With the vast majority of electric fence faults being directly attributable to insufficient earthing, please make sure that you don't make the mistake of skimping in this area and ensure that you begin with a minimum of at least one 1m earth spike for each 1000m of fence line.

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