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40 Litre Tripod Chicken Feeder.

40 Litre Tripod Chicken Feeder.

40 Litre Tripod Chicken Feeder.

Gaun Eton 40 Litre Tripod Chicken Feeder is a very large poultry feeder for flocks up to 100 birds.

Plastic with red tripod stand and white tank.

Suitable For Poultry, Fowl and Game Birds.

This Large Tripod Poultry Feeder is most useful for large flocks of hens as the feeding trough always stays filled from the tank above.

Easy to fill, simply unscrew the lid with easy grip handles and pour your feed in.

The robust tank will hold plenty of pellets or grain.

With the raised feeding saucer there is less chance of contamination from the birds, so pellets will stay clean, whilst the anti-flick grid also means less wastage from the birds flicking their food about.

The domed shape of the tank is specially designed so that the birds can't perch on it and contaminate the pellets from above.

Some self assembly required. PLEASE CHECK DIMENSIONS BEFORE PURCHASE Dimensions: 36cm dia. x 78cm high (14 in x 31 in H).

The feed pan stands 16cm from the ground.

For indoor or coverered poultry runs & covered or sheltered release pens.



Price: €50.00

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