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Rabbit Cage Trap

Rabbit Cage Trap

Rabbit Cage Trap

Live traps are a poison free, humane way to remove rodents form the garden, shed, garage or house.

We have a variety traps with clear instructions and trapping tips on the pack.

Rabbits are vegetarians with a 90% grass diet.

They will eat almost any type of vegetable in the summer. Grasses, broadleaf weeds, garden crops, beans, peas, cabbage and lettuce are all foods of choice.

In the winter wild rabbits will eat tree buds, twigs and bark.

Wild rabbits can do considerable damage to flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs any time of the year.

This new and improved design claims increased catch rates.

Ideal for catching and transporting rabbits & similar sized nuisance animals.

Manufactured from long lasting galvanized mesh.

Features carrier handles and protective hand plates.

Safe easy transportation and removal of the rodent.

Suitable for use indoors or out.

Rabbit Trap Ireland

Cat Trap Ireland

Size: 82x26,5x34 cm

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Price: €55.00