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Rollaway Plastic Nest Box. Brown

Rollaway Plastic Nest Box. Brown

Rollaway Plastic Nest Box. Brown

New to the poultry market is The CHICK BOX  which is a plastic rollaway nest box for chickens.

Eggs Rollaway into a covered area so birds have no access to eggs.

These sturdy plastic nest boxes are able to slot together, side by side, to make a wall of several rollaway nesting boxes.

A frame can be built to house the boxes off the ground.

You can close them up at night to prevent overnight roosting, which fouls the nests and causes birds to go broody.

Colours may vary and come in yellow and brown. Choice not always available. 

Measurements (all external): 33cm wide; 39cm high; 35cm deep, front drop down bar extends a further 23cm from the front.

The box is shaped and does narrow towards the back where it measures 29cm wide x 35cm high.

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Made in UK by BEC & Imported into Ireland by Mac Eoin Ltd.  




Price: £35.54

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