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Smite Red Mite & Louse Powder. 1 Kg Tub.

Smite Red Mite & Louse Powder. 1 Kg Tub.

Smite Red Mite & Louse Powder. 1 Kg Tub.

Smite A Mite is a non-chemical Red Mite Control powder produced from silica-shelled fossilised diatoms.

The smite powder is particularly effective against red mite & lice normally associated with poultry & game birds.

Also used to control insects such as ants, cockroaches and termites and especially those associated with domestic pets, cats & dogs such as lice, fleas and ticks.

In this context it is very safe to use with domestic birds and animals as it is approved for use in animal feed.

Smite powder abrades and absorbs the protective waxy surface of the insects in a purely physical action causing them to dessicate.

Ensure that the insects / lice / red mites make contact with the powder by sprinkling it at the area affected and around areas where the insects may be living. Not for human consumption.

This is a 5kg Tub / Bucket of Smite Powder.

Smite Powder for Farm Fowl & All Livestock & Pets.



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