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Smite A Mite. 1 Litre Concentrate

Smite A Mite. 1 Litre Concentrate

Smite A Mite. 1 Litre Concentrate

Effective against mite eggs. Effective Red Mite & Lice Control.

Non-toxic and does not contain pesticides.

Pleasant odour and easy to use dosing pump is supplied.

An extremely powerful, low odour, disinfectant cleaner and degreaser which has proved itself to be an effective eliminator of micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses.

Economical only 3-6% dilution required (1lt. makes up to 34 lt. of treatment)

Efficient degreasant and cleaner - ideal for removing organic matter

Suitable for all animal housing One product does it all

Smite the Mite! clean and disinfect – save time and money!

Removes built-up organic matter – the habitat where red mite and other parasites thrive, efficiently dissolving waxy coatings and deposits.



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