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Virkon S Discinfectant. 5 Kg Tub

Virkon S Discinfectant. 5 Kg Tub

Virkon S Discinfectant. 5 Kg Tub

The best virucidial disinfectant around.

Long shelf life even when mixed.

Excellent for cleaning incubators/hatchers and surfaces in a hatchery.

For use around chicks, cleaning equipement or aerial spraying of chicks.

Can be diluted in water system and drunk by the chicks without harm.

Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeast and moulds

Non Irritant, non tainting, no environment residue and low toxicity at in-use dilutions.

All claims made by manufacturer independantly proven.

All application and dilution instructions are found on the container

MAFF approved for Foot & Mouth Disease. 1300 parts water to one parts Virkon S .

Also effective against bird flu virus as a disinfectant 1:320

Proven safety in the drinking water of broiler chicks (University of Cambridge)

Proven safety of spraying over chickens, pigs, calves and horses (University of Cambridge)

Proven safety of spraying and fogging over broiler chickens (United States)

Safe for use with hatching eggs (cleaning dirty eggs)

380mm high x 130mm wide x 130mm deep

approx 5.3kg



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