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Ovation 28 Zoologica Incubator.

Ovation 28 Zoologica Incubator.

Ovation 28 Zoologica Incubator.

Allow 4 - 6 weeks delivery from ordering. These are made to order.

An extremely high specification egg incubator designed for exotic birds' eggs.

The precision control of temperature and humidity with flexible roller turning of eggs and a rigid insulation-filled base.

Egg capacity of 20 African Grey-sized eggs.

The Brinsea Ovation 28 Zoologica is a high-performance incubator specifically designed for exotic birds' eggs, especially parrots, where smaller and delicate eggs are turned on rollers that rotate smoothly.

The high-specification, adjustable turning interval and angle makes it ideal for eggs that require frequent, precise turning.

Parrot breeders have known that the main compromise when using an incubator designed for hens' eggs is that the turning isn't sophisticated enough.

Some parrots turn their eggs almost continually during incubation and so to replicate this we have developed the Zoologica incubator which turns the eggs on rollers with digital controlled precision.

The spacing between these alloy rollers can be adjusted to suit different egg sizes.

The Zoologica incubators feature Brinsea's pinpoint control of temperature and humidity along with alarms to warn of power failure or wild room temperature changes to ensure the best possible hatching results for exotic eggs.

The temperature control is further improved with the filled, insulated base.

The Ovation 28 Zoologica builds on the highly accurate digital control of temperature and humidity of the EX model with an insulation-filled base and heavy plinth to further improve temperature distribution and overall rigidity.

In addition to programmable adjustment of turning interval, the Zoologica models also allow fine adjustment of egg turning angle from 5° to 180° for an egg of 45mm diameter - smaller eggs can be turned at a greater angle if desired.

Despite its sophistication the Ovation 28 Zoologica uses factory default settings to ensure it's easy to use straight from the box yet still allows unparalleled flexibility over the control of temperature, humidity and egg turning.

An egg capacity of 20 African Grey-sized eggs - and the flexible roller system means that smaller eggs can be accommodated in greater numbers.

Approximate egg capacities:

Finch - 40

Cockatiel, Lovebird - 30

African Grey, Eclectus, Amazon, Cockatoo, small Macaw - 20

Hen - 20

Protected by Biomaster antimicrobial additive: proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and 100% safe for eggs, chicks and humans.

Protects the incubator from microbial growth by reducing the risk of cross contamination and provides a more hygienic environment for your eggs.

The Zoologica features Brinsea's new 'Induced Dual Airflow' system which represents a breakthrough in incubator design and achieves new levels of temperature consistency for optimum incubation conditions.

Features of the Zoologica include:

Zero-impact egg roller turning system for fine control of turning interval and angle

High quality, high visibility cabinet

External water top-up Digital display of temperature °C or °F

Automatic egg turning Insulated base and plinth to further improve thermal control Incubator temperature alarm

Room temperature alarm

Display of humidity, integral automatic humidity control



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